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Common Air Conditioning Problems

Our air conditioners generally get a break in the winter season, but when summer comes around, we want them working. Unfortunately, it is possible for these systems to run into problems in the time they spend offline. Knowing how to recognize certain problems can let you know when to call your local HVAC specialists.

No Cold Air

When summer hits, you probably will not miss it if the A/C gives out completely. Your home will get hot—and fast. If your system doesn’t seem to be making cool air, it is time to make the call to your local HVAC team. This is a problem that you will want to address quickly.

Air Isn’t Getting Very Cold

Are you feeling like your air conditioning is doing the bare minimum? Sometimes, this can be a indication that it is time to upgrade or invest in a tune-up. When that summer sun shines down and you find that your house just isn’t cold enough, it is time to make the call and see how you can improve your A/C. Don’t just ignore it. Chances are that it will only get worse.

System Powers Down

It isn’t unheard of for air conditioning units to start to struggle as they near the end of their lives. These systems can only work for so long. A fairly common problem is a system that won’t stay on—and it can mean multiple things.


Air conditioning units are generally very durable and easy to use. In most cases, they have a nice and long lifespan. Unfortunately, they may still need to be repaired or replaced at some point too. Our team of HVAC specialists is here to help you improve your air conditioning, no matter what it takes!

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