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Why Is Water Coming From My Ac Unit?

Air conditioners work by condensing a coolant liquid and allowing the surrounding air to be cooled down. Many times when the air cools down water droplets will form. These water droplets are perfectly normal and actually help the air conditioner to function properly. Excess water droplets are funnelled into a drainage pan and get transferred outside.   If you find that your air conditioners outside unit is spitting water, do not be alarmed. The fan blades on the outside unit [...]

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Common Problems With Home Air Conditioning Systems

Air conditioners are great. On a hot summer day, they can transform your home from a hot, miserable swamp to an icy paradise. There’s no better feeling than laying in your cool sanctuary, safe from the deadly heat that is the outside. Your air conditioner is an object of praise and quite possibly one of the only things you truly can not live without.   That is why it is so heartbreaking when you come to find out that there [...]

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Proper Maintenance for Home Air System

Air conditioners are machines with many important parts. It is extremely important to make sure each one of these parts is functioning properly and to its fullest extent. If these parts are not functioning correctly they can increase your energy cost, reduce the amount of cool air that gets pumped into your household or even destroy the air conditioner completely.   The three parts that require the most attention and maintenance in an air conditioner are the air conditioners filters, [...]

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Air Compressor Upkeep Tips for Home AC Systems

The air compressor in your air conditioner is what starts the air conditioning process. It takes cool, liquid refrigerant and compresses it until its hot. Then this gas enters the conditioner and cools down which is what you feel. Air compressors are generally located at the outside unit of your air conditioner. When your air compressor won't turn on, the entire air conditioning process cannot function.   The first thing you must do if your air compressor is not working [...]

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Simple Air conditioner allergy prevention ideas

Do you suffer from seasonal allergies? Does nothing quite seem to help you breathe how you normally should and keep your eyes from puffing and turning red? One solution that you may not have considered was to use your air conditioner as a way of remedying those pesky allergies.   A properly functioning air conditioner uses its filters to catch dust and debris, but these filters also filter out pollen and other naturally occurring things that cause seasonal allergies. Not [...]

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How Can I Make My AC colder?

It's a hot summer day and all you want is to be in a cool room, you have your air conditioner running but it just isn't enough. You think to yourself, “What am I doing wrong, my AC is on full blast but I still am not cold enough?”   There are many factors that come into play when trying to cool down your house from air conditioner placement and functionality to how your house is set up.   Below [...]

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