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Air Conditioning Technicians in Livermore, CA.

Having your air conditioning unit down can be a real issue when a heat wave occurs.  Regular maintenance of the units coils, filters, and fins are required to enable the true potential of your air conditioner.  Not only does ignoring the cleanliness of your machine cause issues but without maintenance, your energy bill will be risen due to excess power.  A list provided below is the list is employees use to ensure your system is running smoothly and efficiently.

    • Make sure the required is amount of refrigerant is in your air conditioner
    • Test for refrigerant leaks and evacuate any unwanted refrigerant from the system
    • Make sure any refrigerant leaks are not illegally released into the atmosphere
    • Check for duct leakage in central systems and seal if needed
    • Have airflow be measured through the evaporator coil
    • Correctly setup electric control sequence so that the heating system and cooling system aren’t running at the same time
    • Go through a thorough inspection of electric terminals
    • Clean and tighten connections
    • Apply a non-conductive coating if necessary
    • Make sure oil motors and belts are tightened and not worn out
  • Check if thermostat is valid and running efficiently

Here at Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning, we provide our customers with superior air conditioning services that can’t be beaten.  We guarantee your unit will operate smoothly and effectively to provide the best airflow through your house.  Our team will resolve your units issues in a timely manner while educating you on solutions to keeping your indoor environment clean and healthy.  Offering fair and honest pricing with the addition of keeping your home feeling comfortable and fresh is what we do best.

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