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Heating Services in Livermore, Ca.

Keeping your house warm and cozy is vital during the cold seasons.  Many of us depend on our heating systems and when they stop working we start to bundle up with anything we can grab.  Like any other machine, heating systems do need maintenance.  To be able to have a functional heating system it’s recommended to have a certified professional come in and inspect your heater at least twice a year or before winter for maximum performance.  Having routine inspections can help you spot unwanted issues before they become too major.  Cleaning your heater will keep it running smoothly and keep indoor air quality fresh.  A list provided below is everything our wonderful team does to ensure your heating system is working at full force.

For Forced-Air Heating Systems

  • Check filters
  • Ductwork checked for open joints, dust buildup, mold, and rust.  (If corroded ducts will be repaired or replaced)
  • Clean ductwork and registers
  • Clean dust and soot from the furnace combustion chamber
  • Clean blower vacuum
  • Inspect blower belt for cleanliness, tension, and overall condition

For Hydronic Heating Systems

  • Check for standing water (this will help the technician know if any pipes or valves need to be replaced)
  • Check water temperature and pressure
  • Lubricate circulating pump
  • Cleanse boiler combustion unit from any soot or dirt
  • Vacuum dust out of the radiator’s surface and straighten fins on baseboard heaters if necessary
  • Purge air from radiator
  • Drain and flush system

If your heating system is a boiler or oil-fired furnace we will change your old oil filter with an identical new one and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly fashion.  We will also replace the oil nozzle if need be.

At Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning, we provide a top quality service that will make sure your heater is running with maximum and quality performance.  We want our customers feeling comfortable and warm within their homes.  Our service will ensure your heating system is repaired precisely and within a suitable time base.  We are certified and trusted technicians that only want the best for our valued customers.  Stop freezing today and give us a call!    

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