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Why Isn’t My Air Conditioning Getting Cold Anymore?

Some people find out that their air conditioning isn’t working in the worst possible way. They come home on a hot summer day and realize that their house is over 100 degrees. It’s incredibly unpleasant and will have you reaching for your phone to call in the professionals in no time. For this reason, we wanted to explain what can cause this to happen.

Your Refrigerant Is Low

Refrigerant is the fluid responsible for keeping your air conditioning cold. It plays a vital role in ensuring that you can get the most out of your AC. Without it, it would just be a fan. Sometimes the refrigerant can run low or become compromised.

Power Failure

HVAC systems run on electricity, which means they can fail for this reason. Whether a fuse is blown or something is blocking the system from getting the energy that it needs, it can cause problems and stop the system from working.

Dirty Filters

Your filters play a huge role in your HVAC system. There are different kinds of filters depending on the needs of the system. If a single one every gets dirty, it can clog the system and cause it to fail.


Air conditioning is a must-have in any home, so when it fails, you will notice. Whether your system isn’t producing cold air at all, or it is just not producing air as cold as it used to, your HVAC system experts can help you to get the situation fixed in no time.

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