As our loyal customer, we want to invite you to become part of our Friends Maintenance Plan. As always, you can contact us 24/7, 365, but now, as a member, you go to the head of the line. You will receive priority service and appointment scheduling.

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With this plan, you will receive the following:

* Two system tune-ups and cleanings a year. That’s one AC unit and one furnace.

* 10% discount on all parts

*We also offer a plan for 2 furnaces and 2 air conditioner units.



Our tune-ups include:

* Clean and check condensing coil

* Test operating pressures

* Test starting capabilities

* Test and adjust blower components

* Test and check safety controls

* Clean filters

* Clean condensate drain

* Test voltage of motors

* Test AMP draws on motors

* Lubricate necessary moving parts

* Calibrate thermostat

* Check for proper air flow

* Measure temperature difference

* Check expansion valve

* Clean evaporator coil (if accessible)

* Test in heat cycle

* Inspect heat exchanger

HVAC Services

To join the Friends Maintenance Plan just fill out the form below. Enjoy the additional benefits of improved efficiency, restored capacity, and extended equipment life. Along with the 2 tune-ups, you will also receive a free washable filter. If you have multiple units, that’s no problem. With this, you will receive 2 free washable filters. Don’t wait! Sign up today.

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