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As we settle into the new year, we hope you will see us as part of the community.


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At Ambient Heating & Air, we are always grateful to our loyal customers, friends, talented technicians who always provide excellent service, the people behind the scenes, and the community. As the days grow longer, and we experience cold nights and warmer days, we want you to know we will be here for all of your needs whether they include furnaces, air conditioners, duct sealing, or just checking up on you.

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In 2019, we are once again looking forward to
giving back to the Tri-Valley community.

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Last year we sponsored various sports teams and golf tournaments, and we participated in the home and garden show. This year, like last year, we attended the Livermore Downtown Street Fest. Thank you for stopping by and saying hello. We enjoyed seeing you.

We are always looking for new adventures in the community and ways to continue to say thank you. Feel free to contact us with any opportunities for community participation.

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Please check back often to see what’s next…

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