With Ambient Heating & Air, enjoy quality service, quality air, and quality time.

We’re a customer first heating and air conditioning company. What a concept.

When we say we put the customer first, we mean it. Our 24/7 emergency service is available when you need it, which will be almost never if you take advantage of our low cost HVAC maintenance program.

We are also the only Bay Area provider of Aeroseal duct sealing. This specialty duct sealing eliminates lost and contaminated air. That translates to much lower energy bills for you, and equally important, much better air quality. If anyone in your house suffers from allergies, asthma, or other breathing problems, this is a must have service. Click the Clean Air Duct Sealing icon for more information about how it works and the problems it solves.

And we couldn’t tout our customer first approach if we didn’t provide easy to obtain financing programs for new air conditioners, furnaces and energy efficient work. You get all the benefits with no, or low, out of pocket expenses. At Ambient Heating & Air, it’s never business as usual. Because we believe you benefit the most when we create a personalized solution for you and your home.

Air Conditioning and Heating programs designed to work the way you want.

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24/7 Emergency Service

Call now if there’s a problem.

We’ve got you covered alI the time. It’s a promise.

Friends Maintenance Plan

When you sign up for our plan, you get priority service and plenty of benefits.

Clean Air Duct Sealing

You’ll breathe easier with much cleaner air and more money in your pocket. Find out how.

Financing Options

Being energy efficient can save you in many ways. Learn more.