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Should I check my air ducts and is Aeroseal a good option for my home?

Air Ducts and Sealing Benefits

Are you seeing a lot of dust around your home even though you may have cleaned recently? Did you install a new air conditioner or furnace and aren’t seeing a payoff on your energy bill? Is the air hotter or colder in different rooms of your home? Do you have allergies or does someone residing in your home have asthma? Does the air quality not seem to be as good as you think it should be?

If you answered yes to any of the questions listed above, then you should have your air ducts checked.  Your air ducts deliver the air from your HVAC unit to your entire house. If they are dirty or leaking, you might have allergens and debris blowing around your house. If the ducts have holes in them that might explain why the temperature varies room to room; however, you wouldn’t know there are holes unless you have a trained professional come out and inspect them.  Next contact a reputable company to inspect your air ducts.

Ok, so now you’ve had someone come out and inspect your air ducts. Depending on what the technician has found will determine whether you have to replace, repair or clean the air ducts in your home. If the professional has found holes in them, then you need to discuss your options-to repair or replace.  If they need to be repaired, then a great option would be to use Aeroseal.

Aeroseal Duct Sealing From The Inside

Best of all, Aeroseal qualifies as an energy efficient upgrade; therefore, it qualifies for Ygrene financing.  So, if you didn’t know how you were going to pay for this, now you have an option.

Don’t know who offers Aeroseal in your area?  Well, more great news! Ambient Heating and Air does and will come to you.  They are the only company in the area that offers Aeroseal. So, stop heating or cooling the unused space and start enjoying healthier, cleaner air today.  

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