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Should I fix the air conditioner myself?

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Summer has arrived, so you turn on the air conditioner and something doesn’t seem right.  Perhaps you’re hearing an odd noise, the air isn’t getting cold enough or the unit is turning on and off too frequently. Now what? You think to yourself-maybe I can fix it and save some money.

First, you must realize that you are not trained to work on the HVAC system. But, if you decide to look it up online, you will see there is a lot of information out there.  Some of it is on how to fix simple problems- like a tripped circuit breaker or advice on changing your filter. Before you continue, you must decide if you can diagnose the problem accurately. Ask yourself if you trust the source you are relying on to fix the problem. The biggest question is what if you misdiagnose the problem or get it wrong?

The answer to this question is if you try to fix it yourself and get it wrong, you risk damaging the air conditioner, and this could be very expensive. Without having prior knowledge or experience with an air conditioner unit, you should probably call a professional HVAC company to address the issue. Most of them have professionally trained technicians to deal with these situations. Don’t take the risk.

Unless it’s as simple as changing an air filter or properly setting your thermostat, trust a professional.  Hopefully you’ve been on a maintenance plan for your system, so you already know who to call if you need a repair.  If not, Ambient Heating and Air has trained technicians with stocked trucks available 24/7.

At Ambient Heating and AIr, they can service or repair any HVAC unit.  If you happen to need a new air conditioner installed, they can do that, too.  They also offer financing options.

Once you are back up and running, make sure you sign up for a maintenance plan and avoid surprises.  Stay cool and don’t sweat it alone.

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