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Why is my AC unit making weird noise?

Air conditioners naturally make noise because in the end they are a machine with many moving parts. However, newer models of air conditioners are very efficient at keeping noise levels low. Newer models use parts specifically made to avoid friction, thus reducing noise. These air conditioners also use sound dampening blankets within the machine. These dampening blankets effectively prevent any noise that is made entering your home.

If your AC unit is making a weird noise that seems unfamiliar or is uncomfortable, it is necessary that you address it immediately. Small problems can turn into very large ones if problems are not dealt with quickly. A tiny rattle can soon turn into a loud bang and leave you air conditioner-less.

Here are some common sounds you may hear when your air conditioner is not working properly:


Rattling is the most common noise you will hear when there is a problem with your air conditioner. This is because air conditioners are very compact and tight so if anything is loose, whether its one small bolt or the entire fan blade, you will hear rattling. If this is the case, make sure your unit is properly fastened and every bolt and screw is tightened properly. Another cause for rattling could be something stuck inside your air conditioner. Things that often get caught inside air conditioners are leaves, twigs, and other small outdoor debris. To fix this, simply remove the foreign object from the unit. Do not let a small rattling noise go unattended. What starts as a small rattle can end up being a huge problem.


When your air conditioner is banging, it often means that something is broken. Since there are many moving parts in an air conditioner, it is likely that the broken item is spinning and banging on something else. This could be an easy fix. However if you let the banging noise continue, you risk damaging the part even more, or even damaging other parts. You may also want to check your compressor as it can make a banging noise when it needs to be replaced.


Often times when your air conditioner is clanking it mean that your fan blades are misaligned. Many parts are close together so if there is just a slight off balance of the fan blades, something is likely to be hit. This problem is easily solvable by having a technician realign your fan blades. If you don’t fix it, the problem can worsen and break another part.

Anytime your AC unit makes a weird noise it’s a good idea to turn call a technician to inspect it.

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