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Why use Ygrene to finance your project?

Many of you are familiar with the P.A.C.E. program, but others are not.  For those of you who aren’t, let’s start by defining PACE. It stands for property assessed clean energy.  This means you can finance almost any home improvement project that is considered energy efficient.

Ygrene offers PACE financing.  So, if you are interested in replacing your HVAC, adding new windows and doors or putting solar on your property, then these all qualify as upgrades that save energy.  Not only are you helping the environment, but you will be saving money when you consider some of these upgrades. Everyone likes to put a little more green in their pocket and by going green you can do just that.

How do you start the Go Green process?

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The process is simple.  First, you decide on the project, such as installing a new, energy efficient HVAC system.  Next, you sit down with the company that is going to do the work. Together you pick up the phone and call Ygrene.

Ygrene primarily looks at your eligibility based on the equity in your property.  They will not run a credit check to pre-qualify. Ygrene also makes sure that you are current on your property tax payments and that you haven’t filed for or been in bankruptcy for 24 months at the time of application.  They also verify that you have the ability to pay.

Within a short time, they can approve you for no money down financing.  Ygrene can also, in some cases, allow you to pay over 30 years, or delay your first payment for a year.  So, now you can afford to improve your home with energy efficient products and pay for them through your property tax bill.

If you are considering selling your home or refinancing, the balance may or may not be transferable with the property.  Many mortgage companies require you to pay off the PACE balance but do know that it is legally transferable.

Consider Ygrene and Go Green.  

Why not take advantage of the equity in your home and make those energy efficient improvements and start saving money while building more equity in your home?  Stop paying more money to the electric company when you could add solar to your home. Replace your old HVAC system with a new, more efficient one. Breather cleaner air by resealing your ducts with Aeroseal or replace them with new ones. Contact us today and Go Green.

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