Why is my AC unit making weird noise?

Air conditioners naturally make noise because in the end they are a machine with many moving parts. However, newer models of air conditioners are very efficient at keeping noise levels low. Newer models use parts specifically made to avoid friction, thus reducing noise. These air conditioners also use sound dampening blankets within the machine to […]

How to clean a home air conditioner filter, Easy Steps.

Cleaning an Air Filter

Your air conditioner filter should be cleaned every 30 days to ensure airflow is not being restricted and it is working to its maximum potential. A dirty filter can lead to many problems such as failure of the entire air conditioning system, your air conditioner is not keeping your house cool enough, your air conditioner […]

Air Compressor Upkeep Tips for Home AC Systems

Air Compressor

The air compressor in your air conditioner is what starts the air conditioning process. It takes cool, liquid refrigerant and compresses it until its hot. Then this gas enters the conditioner and cools down which is what you feel. Air compressors are generally located at the outside unit of your air conditioner. When your air […]

Why Is Water Coming From My AC Unit?

Air Conditioner with Armaflex Insulation

Air conditioners work by condensing a coolant liquid and allowing the surrounding air to be cooled down. Many times when the air cools down water droplets will form. These water droplets are perfectly normal and actually help the air conditioner to function properly. Excess water droplets are funnelled into a drainage pan and get transferred […]