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How Can I Make My AC colder?

It’s a hot summer day and all you want is to be in a cool room, you have your air conditioner running but it just isn’t enough. You think to yourself, “What am I doing wrong, my AC is on full blast but I still am not cold enough? How can I make my AC colder?”

There are many factors that come into play when trying to cool down your house from air conditioner placement and functionality to how your house is set up.

Below you will find tips to keeping your house nice and cool during those blistering hot summer days.

Make sure you air conditioner is working properly.

This means making sure no parts are loose or broken and the filter is clean. If you do not clean your filter monthly, I would recommend doing so because this can greatly increase your air conditioners cool air output.

Use fans in your house.

Using fans along with your air conditioner is a fantastic way do disperse cool air, and make your home cooler. Whether it’s a ceiling fan or an ordinary rotary fan, you can cool your house up to 4 degrees cooler. Fans will circulate the air and give you a wind chill effect.

Block sunlight.

Make sure you are not letting sunlight into your home or on the air conditioner itself. By putting up the blinds you can protect your home from the heat by blocking the sun’s rays. Also if your air conditioner is out of the sun it will work more efficiently and will blow more air.

Minimize cooling area.

Finally, if you want a super cool room, you should limit you air conditioner use to just one room. This will concentrate all the cool air rather than disperse it throughout the house and leave you will an ice tundra of a room where you can chill out and cool down in.

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