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Simple Air conditioner allergy prevention ideas

Do you suffer from seasonal allergies? Does nothing quite seem to help you breathe how you normally should and keep your eyes from puffing and turning red? One solution that you may not have considered was to use your air conditioner as a way of remedying those pesky allergies.

A properly functioning air conditioner uses its filters to catch dust and debris, but these filters also filter out pollen and other naturally occurring things that cause seasonal allergies. Not only do they filter the air, but they keep a constant humidity level in your home.

If you do not have an air conditioning unit and suffer from allergies, I highly recommend purchasing one and seeing for yourself the wonders they can do for your allergies.

If you already have an air conditioner and are still experiencing severe allergies, they may be a problem with your unit. Such problems could be mold in the unit, a dirty filter, or a leak in the air conditioner.

It is extremely important to change your filter at least every month. The filter is what stops all these allergy inducing particles from entering your home, so without a properly functioning filter, you will not be able to see any of the beneficial effects of air conditioners on allergies.

It is very possible that there is mold forming inside your air conditioner as well. These bacterias can easily be sent into your households airflow from the air conditioner. This generally happens when your air conditioner is placed in a dark, damp area. It is necessary to keep your air conditioner somewhere dry and non-conducive for bacteria or mold to grow. You also should check inside your air conditioner to see if you can see any mold or mildew forming. These bacterias can easily be sent into your households airflow from the air conditioner.

If you have a leak in the air conditioner, not only will hot air enter your household but pollen, pet dander, and dust mites can enter. If you think there is a leak in your air conditioner it may need just a simple repair. You can call a local technician to check if your unit is functioning properly, clean your filters, and check for leaks.  

Following these tips can greatly reduce the effects of allergies in your household and keep you happy and cool.

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